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Our process

At D&M Leatherwerx, we strive to bring creativity, imagination and aesthetic to each of our creations.  A production harness, no matter how nice, looks like a production harness.  At D&M, we hand pick every hide and examine it for its thickness, quality, grain and color.  Our hides come from the most reputable tanneries.  We then match the design and hardware to your personality, stature and looks.  Your harness should be one with you, so you never look out of place or uncomfortable.

Therefore, our consultation process is important.  We might ask you about your likes and dislike, what kinks you enjoy, and what play scenes you like to be involved in.  We then talk to you about your body shape and size.  Sexy men come in all shapes and sizes to us, as do our products to suit the men who wear them.  We will then work with you to get your measurements and will capture up to 30 different measurements so we can ensure whatever you ask us to make for you, that it is fit perfectly to your shape and size.

During our consultation we discuss hardware, ring shapes and sizes and placement, which rivets we will use, what colors would work best for your ensemble, and what style of buckles and other hardware might work well for your design.

Once we are done with our consultation, we will then provide you with a quote for the creation of your custom piece.  Because everything is hand picked and hand selected for each project, our lead times require extra time for the sourcing of your materials, as we may incorporate items that we do not stock.

You may be thinking "This all sounds expensive".  But we ask you think of it this way...  If you were decorating your home, it is not out of the ordinary to pay between $600 and $1000 per window for custom window treatments.  To upholster a couch with custom fabric can cost anywhere from $1,300 to $2,500 and more.  You may only go to one or two leather events a year, but you are wearing this on your body for everyone in the community to see.  A good pair of quality leather pants will sell in excess of $600.  Bike leather is not cheap.  Custom crafted seats, or saddle bags can run you in excess of $700 or $1000 dollars.  Do you want to really show up at the next night club wearing a harness that doesn't fit, that causes you to get blisters on your shoulders or chafes your rib cage, or digs into your skin because you figured that "Im just going clubbing, so this $180 harness will work." When in fact, the leather is not full grain leather, the rivets will most likely come lose at some point, and the store that sold it to you bought it from Pakistan in bulk for 30 dollars a piece and are just looking to gouge you because you 'just need something for one night".

Our leather is a creation we spend time on and take pride in crafting.  If you are "just looking for a harness", there are plenty of places you can buy one of those.  Our products are considered artwork. One of a kind creations.  So yes, we will be more expensive than the other leather companies, but that is why we say "Custom leather for the discerning gentleman".  Our clientele will spend the extra money to get that perfect piece.

Trust me... with one of our creations, people will take notice, and notice you!

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