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Interesting photos, but how do they apply to leather?

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Bound puppy
This shoot was a lot of fun!

So you have visited my instagram and you are wondering why aren't more of my photos of leather men. Good question! When I started crafting leather it was back in the late 80's. I was going to a lot of re-enactment events at the time, so most of my commissions were for leather armor. As time went on, I got involved in the leather community. However, most of my photographs I take are for a project I am working on to re-imagine what specific fetiché the youth of today are into in contrast to the work produced by Robert Mapplethorpe and his Portfolio X series. As a result, I look for different fetish groups to learn more about what subcultures exist and how are they interrelated. So I have attended several pup play events, rubber events and cosplay events along my main stride of attending leather events here and there. However, my photography is a sideline and I do that mostly for fun.

I do intend to do more leather oriented photography, but I am unsure if I will put them all on one instagram, or create more theme specific grams.

#leather #photography #fetish

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